Nick Cappadonia’s ’85 YZ 125

A perfect OEM style resto from Nicholas Cappadonia from New York USA. Nick used our plates and Tank decals to complete his re-build and very nice it looks too. Can you bear to get it dirty Nick?

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Ricky Ludlam’s YZ 250 Bradshaw Replica

Ricky Ludlam from Worksop, UK has obviously spent a lot of time and effort producing this great looking resto using the full EVO graphics kit and topping it off with our Hi-Grip seat cover. Great pic too Ricky!

Steve Micheli’s ’93 KX 125

Australian Steve Micheli, a well respected restorer and KX guru, has built a ‘beaut’ of a Hotwheels replica. His attention to detail is an example to us all. Steve was instrumental in helping us put together an accurate replica of this kit, much appreciated.

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Mick Fraser’s ’95 KX 250

Mick from Alberta has put a lot of effort into this KX 250 rebuild. He’s lavished time and $’s getting the build to this high standard, but we think you’ll agree with us that it’s resulted in a great looking bike. Look forward to seeing what’s next Mick!